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Yoga  for Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss is extremely marvelous. Do you need to lose weight?

yoga for weight loss
yoga for weight loss

This is THE question that is essential to ask yourself before starting a diet!
Do you want to lose weight or do you need to lose fat?
It’s not the same thing!
Indeed, the first proposition is probably influenced by the dictates of society. We are too big compared to the image that returns the mirror and compared to the models of magazines.
The second proposal is rather dependent on a major health problem.
It is necessary to lose weight because our health is in danger.
To get an idea, the important thing is to calculate your BMI for Body Mass Index.

Here is the official classification of the WHO (World Health Organization):
• Less than 16: anorexia or undernutrition,
• Between 16.5 and 18.5: thinness,
• Between 18.5 and 25: normal body size
• Between 25 and 30: overweight
• Between 30 and 35: moderate obesity (class 1)
• Between 35 and 40: high obesity (class 2)
• Greater than 40: morbid or massive obesity

If a BMI is between 18.5 and 25, body build is normal. You do not have to go on a draconian diet if you want to lose three or four pounds “too much”. Doing physical activity keeps you in good shape!
If the BMI is greater than 25, it is more or less significant overweight.
Consulting a doctor and / or a nutritionist is the best thing to do to find out where this overweight comes from and how to fix it.
Overweight can have several causes:
• A diet too rich: a nutrition consultant will be able to give the advice to reduce its fat consumption and improve the quality of its diet,
• Stress: yoga can especially help to relax so you do not store bad fats and eliminate calories,
• Lack of physical exercise and life too sedentary: walking, running, doing yoga … There are many solutions to reduce their fat!
Does yoga make you lose weight?

Yoga  for Weight Loss is here !

We come here! So does yoga lose weight and can it help lose unwanted pounds?
YES! In general!
Indeed, yoga consists of a series of physical postures (asana) more or less tonic and at a more or less rapid pace.
So of course, we will move, tone up, strengthen our muscles and de-stress!
Yoga can help find the line or keep it!
When looking to lose weight, one aspect is very important: pleasure! If we do not take pleasure in doing yoga, we will not be motivated, we will go backward and we risk not achieving our weight loss goals.
Yoga helps firm and sculpt one’s body. It can be very useful if you want to have a flat stomach! But yoga is much more than just physical exercise!
If a person has big overweight problems, the practice of yoga alone will of course not be enough. It will take more cardio activity to burn the accumulated fat.
But it can help to de-stress and accept oneself by working more on the mental aspect of yoga.
To lose more than 10 kg, it is important to be followed by a professional. The practice of yoga can, however, help a lot in addition to more intense physical activity.
Yoga will not make you lose weight quickly, but its benefits are no longer to be demonstrated for losing stomach, working your abs, reducing the orange peel appearance or even building muscle evenly.
The gentle weight training exercises of yoga associated with a balanced diet can give significant results to lose weight effectively.
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yoga burn
yoga burn fat

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