Where to Buy Children’s Clothing

With children and parents becoming more brand-savvy, an increasing numbers of retailers are catering to children’s wear. Knowing the right size of the child is the first step. In the United States, children’s sizes usually run from size three to size sixteen. Generally speaking, children’s clothing sizes correspond to age. Therefore, if a child is of average size, he/she will most likely fit a top or bottom size equal to his/her age. For instance, an average six year old would wear a size six and an average ten year old would wear a size ten. Considering that a child’s growth is sometimes unpredictable, most parents tend buy a size up so that their children can wear the clothing for a longer time.

As clothing sizes and fits may be slightly different between brands and pieces, it is best for the child to try on the clothing before purchasing. When purchasing online and unsure about the size a child would wear, the best solution is to refer to the size chart/guide provided by the retailer.

Where or which retailers to purchase from highly depends on budget, age, size, and preferences of the child. For those with a really tight budget, thrift stores are the best bet. For low priced children’s clothes, Walmart, The Children’s Place, and Old Navy are some of the places that have Brick and Mortar stores nationwide in the United States. For mid-priced children’s clothes, Gap Kids (suitable for ages four through sixteen) and Gymboree (suitable for under twelve year olds) are two well-known brands. Department stores such as Macy’s and JcPenny also carry mid-priced clothing.

For mid-range girls’ fashionable clothes, Justice Just for Girls brand (suitable for ages seven through fourteen) is very popular. For premium children’s clothes, Janie and Jack (suitable for up to eight years old) and Abercrombie Kids (suitable for ages seven through sixteen) are reputable brands having physical stores nationwide.

The kind of clothing children need depends on the climate they live in. If a child lives in the sub-tropical part of the US (such as Texas and Florida), the warmest clothing he/she would need are sweaters. On the other hand, if a child lives in the continental part of the US, he/she would need at least one coat (preferably two, as children often get dirty) on top of several sweaters. Shirts, t-shirts, pants, jeans, and shorts are the staple for boys. For girls, the aforementioned clothing items plus dresses and skirts would complete their wardrobe.

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